McKenzie Technique

McKenzie Technique is used to treat back, neck, and extremity pain and dysfunction. Patients who suffer from neck pain conditions may also have pain in the upper back or down the arm and hand. The patient can also be experiencing numbness and tingling. Patients, who are suffering from low back pain, may also have radiating pain and numbness and tingling in either leg. The condition can be exacerbated by stress or by poor sitting posture over time. The McKenzie Method is a system of assessment to find the correct specific direction based movements by performing patient-specific exercises and posture correction to alleviate the pain. These specific exercises will be determined by our experienced physical therapists that are trained in the McKenzie method here at Total Care Physical Therapy.

There are different Mckenzie classifications of lower back and neck pain. Most patients are in mechanical pain classification. This means there is a herniated or bulging disc and the pain changes with different positions of the neck and low back and can be treated with specific exercises and with posture modification. Another classification is patients who have a dysfunction. This involves shortened tissues and requires certain stretching exercises to remodel the tissue. Another category is a postural syndrome. The tissues in this classification are normal but the pain presents itself in certain sustained postures. Usually, posture correction usually resolves the pain. For more information, Contact us at Hillsborough, NJ center.