Tom Bouziotis

Tom BouziotisPT, Owner

Tom Bouziotis is the owner of Total Care Physical Therapy and has been a physical therapist for 12 years serving Hillsborough and living in the area.

Initially, Tom had a different career path, but his own physical situation necessitated extensive physical therapy. Inspired not only by what he was able to accomplish but also by a strong desire to assist others, Tom set his career change in motion by enrolling in Columbia University’s Master of Science in Physical Therapy program.

Since then, Tom has provided quality, compassionate care to hundreds of patients facing a wide range of injuries as well as orthopedic and neurological issues. Above all else, he wants his practice to be a collaborative one, whereby he gathers input from patients, doctors, family members, and other therapist to design individualized treatment plans that help patients heal, recover, and rehabilitate. As a physical therapist, Tom is fully aware that the human body is the most complex machine and that there are multiple ways to achieve improved results. Through innovative treatment techniques, patient education, dedicated support, and positive encouragement, Tom motivates his clients in restoring their function and achieving their best possible lifestyle.