Our Practice

At Total care Physical Therapy we are dedicated to our patient’s success and well-being.

This is a collaborative effort between your physical therapist, doctors, and you the patient to develop the most successful treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

Our focus is to correct your primary issue by identifying the problems, treating the cause, and educating you on how to avoid a relapse and/or future issue. Total Care is a privately owned rehabilitation clinic and is not the typical corporate run physical therapy practice where the client meets with various people who are or are not therapists. Rather it is a place where the patient is connected with the same therapist for a better communication relationship necessary for the patient to receive the highest level of personalized care.

Total Care provides our patient a relaxed, friendly and family like atmosphere where patients interact with other patients and develop friendships and look forward to time spent as well as returning where each step of improvement is acknowledged as well as applauded by the client, the therapist and the friends acquired.